Sunday, December 6, 2009

MASTERS with AISTS (Lausanne, Switzerland)

previously, i did write this to focus & motivate myself to aim for this course & scholarship after the experience in Beijing Olympics and a friend Ms. Tania Teoh :)

This keeps me focus on a certain goal that feels right and can motivate me......

The MSA is aimed at sport enthusiasts with a university degree who want to either start or accelerate a professional career in sport management.

Each year, the AISTS organises the International MSA (linked) - Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology, a unique postgraduate programme in sport management, based in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital.

Students are trained by experts from the world of sports and academics in the fields of Management & Economics Technology, Law, Sociology, Medicine.

Must possess a university degree /Must be planning to pursue a career in the sports world /Must be fluent in English(lectures are given in English) /Should have some years of work experience .....about 35 students from 44 countries selected each year!


Jan - Jul: Full Time Course & team project
Aug - Oct: Personal project
Aug - Dec: 2 month internship or work experience

Look at all the organizations, companies and events AISTS has network with to accelerate your career in sports!

The reason i blog is because, my fellow Olympic volunteer friend from Malaysia, has graduated from the course successfully!

I admire her preserverance and sincerely wish her all the best working with one of the biggest and the pinnacle of sporting organization in the world - IOC (International Olympic Committee)

There were only 2 selected from Malaysia, Tania was a UM graduate and also an ex-badminton athlete who represents Malaysia, she learned French in preparation for this course & living in Swiss, she also save really really hard to fund herself for this course!

Course Fee for MSA 2011 - CHF 23,000 (Swiss francs)
Average cost of living in Lausanne: CHF 1,700/month

That comes up to about RM146,880.00 ....... according to Tania, RM100,000 is more than enough to cover everything and live comfortably too, i'm sure the return of experience is worth every cent!
i dont even have enough to cover a month of living this will be a KIV plan always at the back of my head to remind myself of a possible dream to achieve so i dont feel like a lousy person all the time.... =/

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