Thursday, December 31, 2009


inspired by Felice's post, i wanted to sit and be thoughtful about 2009, it seems and feels like the toughest year i've had so far, it feels like a transition period for bigger things.... i do not want to be afraid of big dreams though i will sound selfish because most of the dreams is for myself and me only, but isn't that the whole idea to make yourself happy first?

don't be afraid to dream big, actually, dream really really big so big until you can't even imagine the scale of the size and if you go wide-eyed when you dream big and realize that you need to catch your breath, thats how big it is and also and thats when you know how badly you want it and its time snap yourself up to make it happen!

ps one of my big dream 2010 is to see Bradley Cooper in person during the movie premiere of A-Team in Canada or America NEAR my birthday (the current release date is 11th June 2010), the sucky thing is, he's got a pretty big role in this movie, so there should be NO HOPE in getting a good close up with screaming fans all around... sigh!!!!

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