Monday, November 9, 2009

Michael Jackson : This Is It

only for TWO weeks
This Is It (trailer)
if you havent watch
better check if you could
because its gonna end soon !!!!
this Wednesday 11th November 2009

and please watch it in a cinema
unless you have TV screen the size of your wall
and a dolby stereo surround sound with bass
this footage is acquired by Sony from AEG Live
is worth US$60million and filmed during rehearsals
just days before MJ passed away....

after the show
i was moved to the point of being speechless
it felt like i forgot that MJ is dead...
and when the credit came on
the curtains and lights up... he is gone
all i know i could do to pay homage
to this great artist is by applausing
i should've stayed until the end (Heal The World song)
according to my colleagues, there's a special snippet...
i've always love behind-the-scenes and the-making-of,
because you learn so much about how everything comes together
and seeing MJ at work, musicians, dancers and the visuals, WOW

what i remember and love most from the show was
the way MJ uses the words to describe his feelings on things;
"let it simmer" " let it nourished" "I'm sizzlin"
"its like the Earth has fever" "with the love with the L.O.V.E."
very very very interesting dreamy like land far far away....

and what i would do after the movie is to look for that
POPEYE shirt that he was wearing!!!! its soooo cool!!!
he was wearing some Ed Hardy, Chritian Audigier designs too!!!

click here for pictures from the movie

in conclusion i would say
it feels like i've gone to heaven to see MJ concert live in person;
but being pulled back to earth because he is no longer here with us

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