Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dr. Death

i saw her picture today in The Star newspaper;
i totally wonder who is she???
can you guess who she is based on this pic???
to me she totally looks like from the Entertainment industry;
with this kinda look it reminds me of you know artist manager?
( 艺人经理)
and i read that she was the Thai forensic
to be observing Teoh Beng Hock's autopsy; i immediately came to google about her background;
HELLO????!!! she's really a DOCTOR yo!!!! pardon my stereotype, but she's totally Rock & Roll!!
she is like superstar doctor in Thailand,
with the award/honor from Thai king too etc
top forensic scientist in the country;
you must listen to this BBC Podcast !!!
A documentary on her and its soooooo interesting!!!

BBC is following her while she's investigating a case
BBC didnt even know they are following her at the first place
cos she dont like to let ppl know her plan in advance for security reasons
and at the beginning of the interview.

anyway the most IMPORTANT question was answered
what inspires her to keep this hairstyle, can you guess?????

"work in autopsy room no one can critize me.......
that's why i decided to become a forensic.....
more than that i want to listen to pop song...dress in this style..."

the man who created her look is Bangkok's top hairdresser;
he felt her normal style wasnt worthy of her status;
as a real Thai hero, so he gave her this hairstyle;

basically she's a doctor and one day she become super star
her hairstyle is like a suit of armour,
its an attention grabbing strategy;
designed to protect her from her enemies

because she's involved in high profiles cases
and it would create conflict and make enemies
one of her enemies are the POLICE department, no joke
she discover things that they did which is real disturbing
so how can she survived with known or unknown enemies?

she has to be backed up, she has to be popular,
so the people the mass media will help her,
this hairstyle totally makes her recognizable,
anyone who wants to harm her prbbly will think twice

its interesting. listen to the podcast about Dr. Death.

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