Tuesday, October 6, 2009

going to INDONESIA now? watch Victoria Beckham then!~

He was blasting Jay Chow while waiting for me in the car;
My guess is a person does this when his mind is occupied,
and wants to silence the noise from the rest of the world,
to think. usually something important but frustrating.

just like how some of us like to play music when we're studying in UK,
to drown out the noise or maybe to drown out our home sickness....

"How's work?"
"....I'm going to Indonesia for my business trip"
"oh......" didnt the big earthquake just happened last week?
"...I'm going to be there for two weeks...."
"I'm thinking I don't want to go because ...you know...earthquake"
and then we were silent.

As a sister i really do not how to advice him at this point,
One part of me I dont want him to take any risk at all,
One part tells me that this is a job he needs to get done,
Another small part tells me that he wants me to say something.

"Pack light I guess, if earthquake go hide under a sturdy table"
was what i said to him. where did I get the idea from????
say thank you to Victoria Beckham when she was moving to L.A.!

I make a list through my head to prepare for him;
If he decides to go (or NO CHOICE must go because duty calls);
what has the world come to.....

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