Friday, September 25, 2009

Shopping in Malacca : Flayva Boutique

have u ever been so lazy to do anything over the holidays, you just dont want to do anything but stay at home and thats all?

thats what i felt last week during the longest raya holiday weekend....i felt so LAZY..... until Brina mentioned she's going to Malacca to check out her sister's new boutique..... and i copy and paste it to Scott, whom i was chatting to simultaneously ... and he said i should go... and then i type on Brina's msn window that i should go cos scott says so... and then she continue to persuade me... and i think i dunno how in the end i agree......

luckily i did, because i felt my senses rejuvenated and shopping therapy was great, i felt READY to take on the challenges!!! our highlight of the trip to Malacca apart from the FOOD, it is the Flayva Boutique!

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