Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kelapa Kecil , Gili Trawangan

it felt like i haven't touch blogs for a while
(it was only 1 week!)
so i took a stroll reading some friend's blogs,
and realize that it is such a nice feeling to know,
that things are ever changing ever growing,
the feeling is really nice to experience again,

so i hope i can somehow convey a percentage
of the same feeling i have to others too,
tough to search for the right description i guess! ha!

Gili Islands are completely foreign to me,
if its your first time hearing about Gili Trawangan,
i'm trying my best to share as much info
and hope you will go in future too~

We flew AirAsia to Bali (Denpasar),
spend the night in Bali cos its late,
next day took the 8am boat out from Benoa
it is 2 and a 1/2 hours of CALM SEA
(which does not mean return trip is calm too)

Alternative FLIGHT options
you could fly Bali & connect domestic flight to LOMBOK,
from LOMBOK its only 10mins to Gili via speedboat

Ground Transport
Gili Trawangan was the most beautiful sight of BLUE,
we were tired so we got on one of the HORSE CART, ($5)
there are NO MOTOR VEHICLES on the island,
and we didnt think it was worth the money,
cos everything is soooo NEAR accessible via walking,
(unless you're travelling with a heavy luggage)

this is the sight that greeted us!
Kelapa Kecil on Gili Trawangan Island
the horse cart everywhere and we rented 2 bicycles!
that boy at the bicycle is Harry, he's like our villas,
personal butler/housekeeper/security/handyboy
since Harry was still cleaning out our room,
we had time to take photog under the super bright sun,
i was squealing with delight about the plunge pool (!)
there were only2 villas with plunge pool
in this whole stretch of street!!!!
(the other villa is SAMBA villas with Fresh Water)
it is like a mini infinity plunge pool,
cos if you dip yourself in this pool,
its as if you're swimming towards the sea,
LOOK, its even bubbling yo!
and its Salt Water, 50% less salty.
the beautiful beach right in front of the villa;
when Harry was finally done,
we were welcome with this nice cosy sight of
that amazing blue pic of turtle swimming,
tall white ceilings and tasteful lights decoration,
there was a DVD Set & TV,
a mini safe and a cupboard to store your clothes!
NOTE: Kelapa Kecil water supply is NOT fresh water,
it is a less saltier version of water usage,
but you will be able to get by with a bottle of water,
for your daily facial cleansing tooth brushing etc.

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Looks like a place worth visiting! :-)