Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a desire to be everywhere at the same time

i feel sad, maybe because its coming to 12am,
maybe its because i cant be there where everyone is,
maybe its because when time has passed there's no return,
maybe you just cant grab grains of sands with your hands,
maybe you just cant save the moment that you never had,
maybe there is a time where you just wish you can be everywhere at the same time,
maybe its because you will never know something else because of the choices you make,
maybe its because for something you need to do you sacrifice something you want to do,
maybe this, maybe that, whatever it may be,
i feel sad that this could be a wrong choice that im making right now,
and im missing all the happy and good times in my life with my friends,
i just feel so left out, the grass is always greener next door they say,
but sometimes it is really the truth, the grass is always greener next door,
esp the one when you're stepping on is a dingy pale shade of yellow never green,

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